Who cares who Tom Collins is

tom collins

The reason why you shouldn’t care about who Tom Collins is because he is an imaginary character made up by New Yorkers 140 years ago, as a way to amuse themselves in an era without social media or smartphones. Giving birth to famous questions such as

“Have you seen Tom Collins?” or “Who is Tom Collins?”

Though only a made up character what he possessed as a symbol was a visual of, suaving good looks, impeccable tastes, successful and a charisma to seduce anyone’s girlfriend right under their nose. No wonder people were so agitated to hear of this Tom Collins fella. If he was realized he’d probably be a Ryan Gosling look alike in a suit. In a word  a ‘Classic’. This was precisely what the bartender ‘Raph’ from The Different Drummer served up after asking for a recommendation for a drink with Martin Miller’s gin. Having to finally meet Tom first handedly, he held up to his expectations. Crisp as the morning air is it to a freshly pressed shirt, the drink was untarnished and refreshing. Just as salt helps bring out the sweetness in chocolate, the powdered sugar helped bring out the lingering bitterness in the Martin Miller’s gin. Together with the freshly squeezed lemon juice, shaken and strained into a tall glass. The drink is topped with soda water, garnished with a slice of lemon and glazed cherry.

Tom Collins is best served with Lorde, the crisp beat produces a refreshing coolth and a unique attitude. A drink fit for royalty at a mid-summers garden party, it gives off a fresh scent of timelessness like a glass of spring in the clasp of your hands.

Small Bar: Different Drummer

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