Enjoy it Sloe(ly)

sloe gin lemonade

Normally I wouldn’t adhere to adding lemonade to my drinks. It’s kind of a cheats mixer to mask cheap and unpleasant alcohol. But I will however make an exception to lemonade this time, as we’re talking about mixing it with Sloe Gin.

This is a drink that even my mate DK would agree to, so it goes to show how impressive this little cocktail is. Drinking it for the first time, one wouldn’t even guess that this was Gin that we’re drinking and there are good reasons for that. Sloe Gin is basically sloe (a type of plum) soaked in gin and sugar for an extended amount of time. In essence it resembles a lot of the Japanese plum wines such as Umeshu. This is why my first impression of the drink reminded me of an old childhood taste of the dried plums I had at my Grandmother’s house. Because of this, Sloe Gin & Lemonade is extremely easy to drink and perhaps it is for good reason that many of us mistake the drink as ‘slow’ gin, to remind us to enjoy it slowly.

The drink though being so simple is incredibly powerful and deep, the taste is exquisitely refined and sentimental. Drinking it for the first time, the drink taps into our distant memories trying to recall this wonderfully mysterious taste. Because of this our minds flip through the chapters in our life to recall this intriguing taste.

The drink’s rich aroma of the gin and sweetness of the sloe mulls together a melody of age and time. I would recommend this drink to go with the company of a few close friends and a song that can carry the same depth that the drink offers.

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