About Shifty Small Bar

About Shifty

Shifty Small Bar is a blog written by two friends – DK and Originalfungstir.

DK has done an RSA course but has lost his certificate and has never actually served alcohol at a licensed premise. He likes Whisky, Tequila and Gin but hates Amaretto, Sambuca and Ouzo but will probably still drink it if it’s in front of him. He suffers from the Asian flush but still thinks he can hold his liquor reasonably well. Nothing a good vomit cannot fix.

Originalfungstir likes to be out and about finding small bars amongst the urban landscape. Like an Easter egg hunt, the newly discovered small bars bring new flavours and experiences to remember. He prefers his drinks strong and bitter. So his choice of poison at any legitimate bar would be something on the lines of an Old Fashioned and a Negroni. He likes pairing his drinks with some kick ass tunes, so look out for his #shiftysmallbartunes to go with the drinks.

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where the drinks are as shifty as the patrons

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