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Frankie’s Fun Room Bar Review


It was a usual Thursday night catch up with my mate AJ, we’ve longed been discussing the prospects of finding the highly secretive bar under Frankie’s Pizza joint on Hunter Street. For those who haven’t been to Frankie’s Pizza check them out here Frankie’s Pizza is famous for their simple styled pizzas and beers in measuring cups, so that you can keep count on your alcohol intake (no joke). So for a while AJ has been fueling my head of this mysterious bar underneath the basement of Frankies, a place where fine gentlemen and tailored suits would go. As legend has it the mysterious bar is located below the basement of the Pizzeria and the only way to access it is through a fire escape stairwell that leads you further down into the belly of the dragon.

How to get there:

Stage 1: First get yourself onto Hunter St and look for the blaring neon lights
Stage 2: Go down stairs into the basement and order one of their authentic simple styled Italian Pizzas, you’ll have to try and order around these douche bags.
Stage 3: Go through a pair of doors to your right, there you will find a much larger and darker room. You will find in this room pinball machines, a long bar and seating booths to your left.
Stage 4: Don’t get lost, this is the most critical part. Keep right and you’ll eventually find a glowing escape sign right at the back of the room. There is a door there, push it.
Stage 5: Make sure your friends are still with you, otherwise they’ll think you’ve disappeared into a parallel universe.
Stage 6: Walk down the fire stairs and you’ll find a sign that says “Bar Below”, you should then begin to chant “Frankie pankie frankly panties” the door will then automatically open. And if it doesn’t you can just open it with your hand in a pulling like gesture.
Final Stage: Look we’ve made it! Quick lets order a celebratory drink!
Surprisingly the room is quite empty and goes to show that not many people know about this hidden gem.
At Frankie’s Fun Room they mainly serve unprocessed drinks and what I mean is that they don’t do cocktails. Just good old fashion drinks straight out of the bottle, you have a choice of having it neat, on the rocks or a dash of water. On the night the bartender recommended to us the Lagavulin aged 16 years, a single malt Scottish whiskey. The drink was absolutely amazing. it was so full of flavour and smokey that it almost set the fire alarm off. Note: That all the spirits are tagged with a price tag, that will give you an indication of how much a shot of drink will cost and in this case for a shot of this fine whiskey will set you back $16.
No orange peel, no lemon twist, no mint, no cherry on top and no garnish. This is the way of the Fun Room and surprisingly very comfortable as it has stripped off the wanker like atmosphere that you get at most pretentious hipster bars in Sydney.
Well that’s basically it, once you’re done with your drink you can then proceed to carefully resurfacing back to the street level.

Frankie’s Fun Room has definitely been the most challenging to find and therefore deserves the title of Shiftiest Small Bar. I would definitely recommend this place for a nice catch up with a few close friends and to enjoy each  others company over a drink. Though the variety of drinks maybe limited, the drinks they do serve are carefully picked, like cherries on a tree. The atmosphere and decor is warm and will make you want to keep ordering drinks just so that you could stay there for longer, therefore take your time and enjoy it slowly.

P.D. (Parke Davis) Bar Review

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It was a Thursday night when my friend and I were looking for a place to catch up. Located conveniently on York Street just opposite the bus stops, one can have a few drinks and stumble onto a bus home without too much trouble. P.D. is not like your typical discreet small bar, contrarily, it is quite visible from street level at night. The glowing P.D. light bulbs lured us down the short flight of steps, where we were greeted by the warm lighting, friendly staff and Thurston Harris’ Little Bitty Pretty One. Instantly we knew this was a type of bar that ticked most of our boxes and qualified as a hipster bar. All that we had to do was sit back and order some drinks.

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Since it was nearing the end of the week, both of us were in dire need for a stiff drink. At first glance, the drinks seemed different to your standard cocktails as a fair few of the drinks used Green Ferry Absinthe as their base. Straying away from ordering my usual drinks, I went straight for the drink with Remy Martin’s Gin and the Absinthe Ice Sphere titled Sazerac Sphere. The superior quality of the Remy Martin’s Gin hit the spot and the rich aromas of the bitters and sweetness of the cognac lingered afterwards. Served in a large glass, the drink encouraged us to drink it at a leisurely pace. The green Absinthe sphere gradually melted, little by little adding itself into equation to the drink. The Sazerac Sphere is a drink that is simply presented and a strong drink to help kick start your night out.

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“It’s really good, I made it myself” Bobby the bar tender

How ’bout a recommendation from the bar tender?

His name was Bobby. He’s also the general manager so he’ll be there on most nights. Make sure you ask for Bobby, give him your choice of base and he’ll concoct a drink to your mood. Like a Pandora playlist when I input gin into the search bar a Martinez was being carefully made behind the bench of the bar. According to Bobby, the Martinez was the predecessor of the Martini’s that we drink today. Tracing back to Roman times, the only type of vermouth they had was the sweet vermouth, which gives the drink its special dark quality. Each of the flavours compliments each other, such as the exotic spices of the Bombay Sapphire Gin, flagrant sweetness of the Maraschino cherry liqueur and Angostura bitters. Well presented in a martini glass, garnished with a cherry on top. The drink was exactly what I needed after a hard weeks worth of work.

So if you’re looking for a place to have a nice casual catch up under some warm ambiance, good music and drinks during the week  P.D. would definitely be a go to place under my books. Or if you’re looking for something more romantic, there’s plenty of room further away from the bar for a quite secluded evening amongst the rustic basement decor.

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